At Kalwall, we are committed to providing the best museum-quality daylighting™ available along with superior thermal performance options – all while reducing a building’s carbon footprint. All of our daylighting™ products rely on our innovative, sustainable, lightweight structural sandwich panels that are revolutionary in fenestration technology for their combined light quality, energy efficiency and solar control properties. Today, Kalwall continues to offer rugged, beautiful, translucent building products that offer designers flexibility and deliver glare-free, diffuse daylight deeper and more evenly into spaces. We are passionate about the fundamental connection between light and health, and we understand that without light, there is no life! As proponents of human-centered design, our primary focus has always been about people. Kalwall strives to be leaders in the building industry by maximizing energy savings and harvesting free sunlight while providing affordable, productive, healthy environments for all building occupants. The key to our success has been continual innovation, extensive Research + Development, a commitment to person-to-person sales consultations and customer service. We continue to believe that there’s simply no substitute for extra effort, persistence and total involvement. We care about what we do, and we are proud of our people, our products and our 60+ years of daylighting™ expertise.
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