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Kamat and Rozario Architecture

Kamat & Rozario Architecture is a multi-disciplinary, award-winning, design studio offering services in architecture, interior design and furniture design. We have held steadfast to the importance of concept and an investigative process of design, in an increasingly complex marketplace - a world driven by appearances and fast response time. Be it the design of Homes, Offices, Institutions or Leisure and Retail spaces, the interpretation of the client's brief is always an effective basic building block to fulfill the clients intangible needs. To us, it always evolves into a study of the relation of individual buildings to the environment in comprehensive terms, with particular emphasis on the complexity that exists at the urban scale. As a part of this design process, we strive to segue into the realms of urban ecology, and urban design and planning through each of our projects. In effect, it is also an exploration of the importance of architectural design concepts in relation to historic and contemporary issues in a constantly evolving culture. Being constantly active in the fields of architecture, interior design and furniture design, we thrive on variety, and have been lucky to have a full platter of mixed projects, that keeps us on our mental toes. It is this wholesome and organic perspective on design and architecture that help us find great synergy with our clients, ranging from individual home owners to public institutions. We are a young team of architects in Bangalore, collaborating with artisans, engineers and contractors, to realise our clients' objectives in the best way possible, working together.
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Ground Floor. #509, Bangalore, India