Keitaro Muto Architects
Keitaro Muto Architects

Keitaro Muto Architects

Architects from 29 Imakomachi GIFU-CITY, GIFU, Japan
Takeshi Fuji Kei Taro - Architects -
class architect registration No. 338 523

1979 Gifu Prefecture, was born
in 2002 Meiji University Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Architecture, graduating
in 2004 Meiji University Graduate School of Science and Engineering Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering graduates
in 2004 design office work (~ '09)
2010 Muto Keitaro architectural design firm founded

Gifu National College of Technology Department of Architecture Lecturer

In seeking there only comfort, the richness

Construction is to make people happy is to, I think that there is power to enrich the human mind. While deciphering the potential and the client's needs of premises, is carried out a study of models and CG up to several dozen every time, we propose the construction of only one in the world. Instead of the design and step-by-step fashion at that time, appeared individuality of people that use the people and architecture live, thirty years, you can obtain a new discovery in forty years, and feel the richness, the IJsselmeer long, such is strong We would like to create a building.

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Keitaro Muto Architects GIFU Headquarters
29 Imakomachi GIFU-CITY, GIFU, Japan