Manufacturers from 38-40, route de Wilwerdange, TROISVIERGES, Luxembourg
KELLER AG from Luxembourg is the leading system manufacturer for design sliding systems. Under the name KELLER minimal windows® these innovative, virtually frameless sliding windows and doors are installed in particular in higher-class private and commercial buildings.

KELLER AG has gained international recognition as a manufacturer of individually designed, exclusive ORANGERY Elegance® home conservatories.

KELLER AG manufactures with 120 employees on a production area of 8,400 square metres in Troisvierges, Luxembourg. Dreams made of aluminium and glass are presented on an exhibition area of more than 2,000 square metres.

The self-made man Norbert Keller has focused on individual solutions since the establishment of the company in 1980. Existing glazed roof and window constructions have been continuously technically optimised and created in aesthetic designs for sophisticated lifestyles.

In 2003 KELLER AG was the first company to present the ORANGERIE Elegance®. It was followed by the ‘ORANGERIE Garden Pavilion’ and the most recent innovation – the GLASSHOUSE®. The ORANGERY Elegance®, the GLASSHOUSE® and the classic conservatories with fully glazed roofs, which KELLER calls WINTERGARDENS®, are always individually planned unique objects – no two are exactly alike.
Individuality is our strength.

Development of the KELLER minimal windows® design sliding system began in 2008. Minimum facing widths of the profiles, post-free corner solutions and the possibility of large glass areas of the sliding systems cater to the architectural trend toward transparency and the creation of light-flooded rooms.

KELLER AG presented the energy-efficient variant, KELLER minimal windows®4+, at the BAU 2013 in Munich. This is the superlative system with triple-glazed insulated design leaves in a low-energy standard, manufacturable leaf weights of up to 1,000 kg and sliding leaves with glass areas of up to 12 sq. metres. All sliding systems can optionally be equipped with electric drives.
All the technically brilliant details of a KELLER minimal windows® system are made in Luxembourg and justify the excellent image of the product.

KELLER AG intends to expand its European and international activities further via specialised glass and metal construction partner companies.

The KELLER minimal windows® design sliding systems hit the bulls eye of modern architecture. They will be distributed quickly by expert partner companies, not just as prefabricated system components, but also as custom system elements.

The KELLER minimal windows®, the KELLER WINTERGARDENS® which are prefabricated in components, the KELLER ORANGERY Elegance® and the KELLER GLASSHOUSE® with their current design variants, the tangible quality and an inspiring level of comfort are only at the beginning of the marketing of this exclusive lifestyle.