KIHAN KIM Landscape and Architecture
Ophélie Bouvet
KIHAN KIM Landscape and Architecture

KIHAN KIM Landscape and Architecture

Landscape Architects from n/a, Paris, France
I´m a Korean landscape architect based in Paris. I graduated in Architecture from the Inha University in 2008 and took my Master´s Degree in Landscape Architecture at the Barcelona School of Architecture ETSAB, UPC in 2012.

I have joined various landscape and architecture agencies, including most recently a team at MDP Michel Desvigne Paysagiste, in which I have collaborated on many different projects. These experiences have provided me with the opportunity to explore several horizons of practice in landscape architecture.

From artistic experimentation to landscape perception, site interpretation and form finding… I especially pay attention to reinterpreting the natural mechanism and phenomenon of the site, using it as raw material and the principle source for my projects. A poetic review of the environment, for instance, is then manifest in the formal response to the site.

Model making, in particular, is my primary design tool that permits me to verify the qualities of space and its proportions and textures. Thus, for me, the model has a very close relationship with the design process and has an alternative power; to travel all over the physical aspects of a project: scale, density, size, light and ambiance…

On this website, I present some of my works that I have completed within a professional environment, either academic or personal. I also use it as a platform to express my own interests in art and design.