Kingspan Renewables Limited
Kingspan Renewables Limited

Kingspan Renewables Limited

Manufacturers from 180 Gilford Road, Armagh, United Kingdom
Kingspan Renewables was established in late summer 2007, when Kingspan Group plc acquired the Thermomax brand of solar vacuum tubes. Thermomax was the Solar Thermal market leader and originator of the respected heat pipe method, effectively creating solar hot water in northern climates.
Thermomax collectors were the first products under the umbrella brand of Kingspan Solar. The Kingspan Solar brand has now grown with the addition of Solamax; a PV module from Mitsubishi.
Kingspan have ambitious plans for their new renewables business. Along with further expanding the Kingspan Solar range, they will be building a portfolio of unique and advanced renewables brands in the coming months and years.

Why Kingspan Renewables?

Kingspan Renewables are committed to providing efficient and cost effective solutions to today's environmental concerns. Investment in manufacturing technology, research & design and infrastructure will be the key to Kingspan's success in this exciting market. Together with other Kingspan Group companies, the renewables business has an overall goal to provide solutions towards a zero carbon lifestyle.
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