KOKENIWA  |  Japanische Gartengestaltung
KOKENIWA  |  Japanische Gartengestaltung

KOKENIWA | Japanische Gartengestaltung

Architects from Eickhof 1, Liebenau, Germany
Japanese Gardens - its special aura and harmony fascinated Heiko Voss already in adolescence, the enthusiasm for this was the reason for his training as a gardener. She accompanied him through his studies and professional life as a planner and landscape architect to a weekend in May 2008 - when he took the ZEN monastery in Castle Eickhof in Liebenau on a Garden Seminar by Dr. Wolfgang Hess part. Then he decided to get there, the art of Japanese garden design. Since 2010 he lives in Castle Eickhof and realized since then as a partner of Dr. Wolfgang Hess various garden projects.

In 2013 he founded KOKENIWA. developed with a network of colleagues and partners, and he designed private gardens as well as corporate and hotel space in the Japanese style. His specialty is moss gardens (Jap. Koke niwa) or gardens where moss as an essential design element of Japanese garden design is used.

These gardens he realized the Japan Garden Culture GmbH is the only provider in Germany. In addition, he has developed a new offer for customers: Japanese Gardens as a module gardens.

For Heiko Voss Japanese garden design is an art, for which he would excite people. This art has no plans, but requires rather a special inner attitude of the designer. It must be able to empathize with the given location so that a garden is created, in which man and nature in harmony and harmony. This attitude, he finds himself in the exercises of Zen Buddhism, the practice has become an integral part of his life.

Mindfulness with Heiko Voss developed and designed a Japanese garden, this then radiates ultimately