Koninklijke Tichelaar
Koninklijke Tichelaar

Koninklijke Tichelaar

Manufacturers from Kalkovens 1, Makkum, Netherlands
Koninklijke Tichelaar Makkum (Royal Tichelaar Makkum, est. 1572) is the oldest company in the Netherlands and has worldwide recognition in the field of ceramics. Over the centuries the company has accumulated a priceless reservoir of knowledge and skill. The proven durable properties of ceramic and its timeless beauty adds cultural value to Tichelaar’s products making them more relevant than ever. These qualities have a great attraction for contemporary architects, artists and designers, and with them Tichelaar seeks out possible new uses and areas of application.

In addition to this customised work, Tichelaar is also developing a expanding range of its own ceramic products for the building industry, particularly façade cladding and interior applications. In addition to this we continue to produce our renowned traditional decorative earthenware and tiles on request. A number of pieces by contemporary designers in the design collection have become icons in the history of Dutch design.
1 office
Koninklijke Tichelaar Makkum Headquarters
+31 (0) 515 231 341
Kalkovens 1, Makkum, Netherlands

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