LANDÍNEZ+REY | equipo L2G arquitectos [ eL2Gaa ]
LANDÍNEZ+REY | equipo L2G arquitectos [ eL2Gaa ]

LANDÍNEZ+REY | equipo L2G arquitectos [ eL2Gaa ]

Architects from Alberto Aguilera, 48 5º D, Madrid, Spain
LANDÍNEZ+REY arquitectos [el2gaa] is an architectural practice co-founded in 2000 and based in Madrid (Spain) by the architects David Landínez González-Valcárcel (Madrid, 1973) and Mónica González Rey (París, 1973). Both are formed as M.Arch (1999) in ETSAM-UPM (Faculty of Architecture of the Polytechnical University of Madrid, UPM) and both are also graduated as Building Engineers by UEM-Madrid (2013). David also is M.Arch in Efficient Buildings and Rehabilitation by UEM (Universidad Europea de Madrid) and Mónica has also postgraduated studies in Analysis and Real Estate Management by Comillas University (ICAI-ICADE)

LANDÍNEZ+REY arquitectos [el2gaa] develops its activity as a working platform where architecture is sought from its capacity as a system generator. Systems capable of providing answers to both the place and the rest of the dimensions, scales and techniques demanded by each draft. Its work is based on the research that arises from the proposals presented to architectural competitions, many of them has been rewarded with awards and honorable mentions, others won and built. Among these works we can find the Badajoz, Coria and Plasencia secondary schools and the Malpartida de Plasencia and Jaraíz de la Vera Gym Pavillions for the Regional Government of Extremadura, Spain and the Rivas-Futura Underground Station for Metro de Madrid.

His works have been published in different specialized magazines and exhibited by different national and foreign institutions.
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