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LASP California

LASP California

Manufacturers from 1527 West 13th Street Unit H Upland Los Angeles
LASP System USA LCC has been building fixed and retractable outdoor coverings in the US for 15 years with expertise and innovation. Thanks to hard work and experience and to our team of experts, we have worked throughout the United States: in California, in New York, in Nevada, in Washington DC and Oregon. Our company firmly believes in the “Family Touch” added value. We are a team of people that looks for innovative and modern solutions, customized to one’s needs,with passion, reliability and practicality.
Our worldwide patented LASP System coverings are perfect for all settings: hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, coffee shops, terraces, Casinos, schools, churches, swimming pools, sports centers, museums, industrial spaces and a lot more. Research and innovation are the driving force of the company that has owned the M.A.N.T.T. patent, a one of a kind outdoor covering system, for 15 years.

Our products are designed to put to a better use outdoor spaces, to enhance your commercial activity or home, to protect from atmospheric agents such as rain, sun, snow and winds and to allow our customers to enjoy their outdoor spaces all seasons. All of our products are custom made. Retractable motorized and manual roofs, large outdoor coverings, retractable pergolas and verandas are the ideal solution for commercial activities, for industrial and residential settings.

LASP’s products are the perfect balance between long-lasting modern designs and comfort.
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