Le Fablier S.P.A.
Le Fablier S.P.A.

Le Fablier S.P.A.

The Fablier was founded in 1981 by the intuition of a new dimension of furnishing: innovative, courageous, high tech, able to blend comfort and practicality, aesthetics and innovation, creativity and emotion. For Le Fablier the housing dimension takes the boundaries of an intimate and personal, in which the Italian style fits perfectly the cosmopolitan tendencies of contemporary design. 1981 Origins: Created in 1981 by a desire to find an appropriate expression of the classic style and elegant in the furniture sector. 1986 Development: the company became a limited company, expands and are born the first day and night collections 1994 Expansion: the new base of Valeggio Sul Mincio (Verona) is inaugurated; they begin the activities of communication of the company to introduce to the general public the values and business philosophy. 2000 Ulterior Development: the company is transformed in S.p.a. The first TV commercial is filmed. 2004 Foreign trade: Le Fablier expanding horizons opening up to foreign markets. 2007 Luci e Forme: is presented to the market a collection of lamps, some with the double signing of Le Fablier and the Master of Arts of Murano Paolo Crepax. 2008 Contract activity: the company started to deal with the hotel sector with activities of "Contract". 2009 New ideas: the first contemporary collections are studied. 2010 Design: the capsule collection “L’Abbraccio" by Gaetano Pesce begins the collaboration with the world of design. 2010 Grande Arredo: Le Fablier acquires the mark Grande Arredo and expands its offer of luxury home furniture. 2011 The Marble: Le Fablier continues its collaboration with the design’s world with Paolo Ulian and his creations made of marble. 2011 Sartoria: Le Fablier starts a service to realize custom made furnitures, to satisfy the customers needs, both hey need a simple walk-in closet, both they need the furnitures for a whole residence. 2012 Internationalization: More and more oriented towards the international markets, Le Fablier presented at the 2012 edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan new finishes for the collections Fiordipesco, C’era una volta, Le Gemme and Mosiaco, designed to make them even more elegant and rich, thanks to the use of gold leaf and wood combined with the finest lacquers.
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