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Architects from Business center "Forum" / Office 312, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Lenz Architects is an architectural group and consultancy based in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Our practice emerges out of a belief of a free society, where architecture plays a vital role in shaping environment and constantly develops the multicultural and contemporary world we live in. Here, in Lenz, we work closely with clients to deliver international expertise and local knowledge to face the challenges of today and to unravel the field of creativity and aesthetics at its best. In the context of global economy and rising technologies, our team strive to create intelligent forms while meeting commercial constraints of the projects.

The main activities of Lenz Architects is an architectural design of residential and public buildings, interior design, landscape design and graphic design. In cooperation with local and foreign partners, our company develops a full cycle of project documentation and offers its customers a ready-made quality product in accordance with the latest world trends.
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Business center "Forum" / Office 312, Almaty, Kazakhstan