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Leroux Sichrovsky Architects

Architects from c/o Impact Hub Berlin | Friedrichstraße 246, Berlin, Germany
Founded at the beginning of 2015 by Kim le Roux and Margit Sichrovsky, LXSY works with partners from all disciplines, from artists to economists. As a dynamic start-up company located at the Impact Hub Berlin, we see our company as a social impact architecture office that focusses on integrative architecture and urban planning. The idea of inclusion, rather than the mere informing of people in the planning and building process is at the forefront of our work and, is what makes our projects sustainable.

What Social Impact Architecture means to us: As Social Architects, we participate in communities, identify successful naturally-occurring patterns or we develop new patterns, and apply these in our projects. We apply psychology (our social instincts), economics (how we create common wealth through specialization and trade), politics (how we collect and share power), and technology (how we communicate). We continually adapt our toolkit based on new knowledge and experience. Our goal is to create neighbourhoods that solve the problems we identify, that grow healthily, and that survive by themselves.
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Leroux Sichrovsky Architects Berlin
c/o Impact Hub Berlin | Friedrichstraße 246, Berlin, Germany