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"With a sense of the essence of the product, I follow my work as a lighting and product designer. The technical and physical properties of illuminants, light sources and their
aesthetic effect have fascinated me for a long time. '' Christian Deuber

In our studio, we design product-neutral lighting concepts in a small team. This means that we have no obligations to certain luminaire manufacturers. In this way, we guarantee our customers that the right and desired product is used for every situation.
We design and develop luminaires, besides that we produce and distribute our own collection.
Our claim is with joy, passion, inspiration and care unique lighting concepts
for private and public spaces. The mixture of planning and production gives us the
opportunity to realize new ideas and projects in a short time.

The parts and components for the lights of our collection are produced serially by local companies. The final production takes place in our studio, where the lights are then individually assembled, cabled, packed and delivered by hand. For us, a luminaire has succeeded if it fulfills its utility values , ie is functional. On the other hand, she must have her own personality and an ideal value.
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