Designers from Klokgebouw 170, Eindhoven, Netherlands
The Silhouette and Eclipse were designed by Angela Jansen, a Design Academy Eindhoven graduate, and developed by Ger Jansen, a mechanical and electrical engineer. Together, they run the company Light Light.

It is uncommon for engineers to find good domestic applications for their technology..

..and it is likewise rare for designers of consumer objects to embrace cutting-edge technology wholeheartedly.

This is perhaps what makes the cross-pollination of ideas between Angela Jansen and Ger Jansen so remarkable.

Few designers have managed to achieve the maturity in their designs that integrate several different new technologies in the way that Angela has. Few engineers manage to harness the possibilities of their inventions to serve a domestic need.

The Light Light series creates an incredible visual conversation piece. It is like an optical illusion, yet one that is kind to the eyes and easy on the mind. Once you know how it works, it is still fascinating tobehold. It is timeless, classical and, at the same time, contemporary.