Manufacturers from Ostwaldstraße, GERSTUNGEN, Germany
For 25 years Lithodecor has been one of the most innovative manufacturers of ventilated curtain wall façade systems in Europe. The head office of the VCW specialist, one of the DAW group companies, is located in Gerstungen, a town in the German state of Thuringia. The production facility is in Netzschkau, Saxony. Automated production methods and the skilled craftsmanship found in a traditional workshop have been blended to create a new approach.

Lithodecor is well known throughout Europe for its innovative composite materials based on patented lightweight concrete panels, which are individually manufactured on a project-specific basis and which achieve a 60 per weight reduction compared to solid façades. These elements can even be used to manufacture storey-spanning panels that can solve particular problems associated with stringent structural requirements.

With surfaces made of natural stone, glass, photovoltaic modules, concrete, ceramics and glass ceramics, Lithodecor is the product of choice for architects and clients whose priority is excellent thermal insulation and effective weather protection combined with amazing finishes.

Company profile at a glance

European specialist for ventilated curtain wall façade systems
Known for ultralight VCW systems based on patented composite panels (up to 60 per cent weight reduction compared to solid façades)
Supplier of large panel sizes, some available in storey-spanning lengths
Solution to stringent structural requirements
Milestones in the company's history

Production of lightweight façades began in 1995 in Plauen
Lithodecor GmbH was founded on 01 March 1999, with approx. 15 employees
June 2004 - transfer to Netzschkau / floor space of approx. 4000 m2
Number of employees increases to approx. 40 / further investments in equipment and machinery

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