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For 25 years Locinox is an international trendsetter in the fencing and gate world.
Our products are designed specifically for your sector where innovation, quality and ease of installation make the difference. Our goal is to increase your efficiency!

Locinox products are of industrial quality. They are tested extensively by our R&D department in the most extreme circumstances.

The products in our product range are designed for maximum interchangeability. A multitude of combinations is possible so you will always be able to fulfill your clients’ wishes. Even after installation our products can be easily adjusted and/or replaced.

A motivated team of engineers and prototypers work hard on a daily basis to further expand the Locinox product range with new products. You can find many, pioneering innovations in this catalogue.

Materials and surface treatments which are up to years of outdoor use, are a basic requirement. This is why Locinox only uses stainless steel and non-ferro metals as raw materials for its products. For surface treatments, we choose for chrome plating and, whenever possible, hot-dip galvanization.

The best guarantee for a long life for gates and fences is hot-dip galvanization. This process covers the product with a layer of 50 to 150 mμ thick, whereas electro-galvanization only provides a layer of 5 to 25 mμ thick. As you may know, the weather can erode on average 2 µm per year (depending on weather conditions), therefore our choice for hot-dip galvanization was an easy one. Locinox chooses, if possible, for hot-dip galvanization to maintain a high standard and to give our products a longer life than cheaper alternatives.

“Time is money’’, certainly in our industry. This is why our products are easy to implement in your production process. Moreover, you will also save a lot of time when installing on site thanks to our Plug&Play design and our patented Quick-Fix fixing system. Quick-Fix are pre-fitted on our products, your products will be installed in a snap: just put them in the holes and tighten them up – that’s it. The patented Quick-Fix system ensures the firm fixing of our products on your metal profiles.

The modularity of our products allows you to choose from many different lock configurations. Locinox will assemble every possible configuration upon your request. Besides that, our well-organized logistics can guarantee that our catalogue products will be sent to you within 24h after your order. This will allow you to react quickly to your clients’ needs!

Our sales team is easy to reach and will give you a prompt reply by phone or e-mail in one of 7 supported languages. They will supply you the correct product information and are happy to help you in choosing the right solution for the given situation. Your orders are confirmed on the same day!
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