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Loxodrome design & innovation

Loxodrome design & innovation

Loxodrome design & Innovation is a young and dynamic architectural practise based in Venlo/ Netherlands. Our portfolio includes a wide array of projects from hotels, head offices, leasure developments, public buildings to individual high-end class villa’s and various school projects. The architectural expertise and creativity of Loxodrome has spread - today we are working on projects throughout the Netherlands and abroad. Loxodrome was founded by the architect Robert Kleuskens who has brought together talented and experienced architects from all around the world. The practise is proud to be able to provide a friendly and creative working environment to its highly educated staff who are dedicated to producing imaginative, high quality buildings. Our ambition is to treat every project as an own individual task that requires the best individually tailored design ideas. As designers of the built environment we are aware of our responsibility towards our surrounded communities. Influences of our constantly changing society are always at present in our office and modify every of our new tasks. As proved in the past, we don’t just see ourselves as passive part of these processes, we have the motivation to be an active member of our environment and initiate projects in places we see the potential or necessity of it.
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