Luca Galofaro_Stefania Manna e Associati (LGSMA_)

Luca Galofaro_Stefania Manna e Associati (LGSMA_)

Architects from via Tarvisio 2 00198 Roma, Italia
Luca Galofaro_Stefania Manna e Associati (LGSMA_) is founded by Luca Galofaro and Stefania Manna in 2016.

The office sets up on the twenty-year experience of its partners and associated working as IaN+.

LGSMA works on the inseparable relationship between architectural thinking and construction. Architecture is seen as a test field of ideas and very different research tools, which ultimately aims at the Project in every kind of form.

Luca Galofaro has intensely pursued in teaching, writing and research, activities which have been an integral part of the office’s engagement with architecture.

Stefania Manna has focused on the technical and material complexity of the project as a tool to transfer its ideal substance into build reality under any given circumstances.

Gianluca Fontana. His experience matures through the involvement in many international competitions
as well as final designs, working plans and construction site managements.