Specifier · Let manufacturers think along with the materialization of your project
Arch. Antonio De Martino


Luconi has always been interested in functional products, studied both from an aesthetical and stylistic point of view. Our design culture comes from a passion for beauty, armony, rigour, integration of the products with different environments. We work together with some of the most brilliant and talented architects and designers. Our style has been nomitated by ADI (Industrial Design Association), in order to compete for the “Compasso d’Oro” award - oldest and most prestigious award for the best design -. (OSSO project - ADI Index 2003 / Pole - ADI Index 2011). What does Luconi mean by the word “know- how”? We intend the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out a specifi c work in the best way possible. The ability to give birth to functional, warm and cozy projects. The capacity to optimise spaces, always with a glance to aesthetic. The technical expertise, indispensable to create essential, minimal spaces, with style and refi nement. The fl exibility to carry out interior projects for the homes, the common areas, the offi ces and the shops, with different complexity and dimension. We started working as glass artisans in the 70’s. Since then we have been keeping our attention to details and to care in the project development. During the 90’s we combined aluminium with glass, implementing new standards in the production system, which represents our identity today. In Luconi we study and make each product and component internally. We offer our clients a project service, which plans about 1.000 designs per year. In the 80% of cases our ideas are put into practice and translated in projects all over Italy and Europe. To face the challenges of our present times we need to believe in what we do. In Luconi, the solid confi dence in ourselves and in our abilities bring us to a continous innovation; we combine the market requests with our knowledge and attitude to solve problems. We put energy in everything we do, from the development of a new product, to the innovative choice of colours and fi nishings, until the opening to new foreign markets. Passion is our fuel! In Luconi we have a very clear idea: the fi rst of the company values is represented by the quality of the personnel. How do we consider ourselves? As a tight-knit group of creative and innovative young people, able to answer with fl exibility to the requests we receive. We are used to listen, working in very close contact with very high-level experts, and to propose our ideas, our projects and our solutions. We carry out our job in an absolutely serious way and with the greatest professionalism, but we also like to be informal and to have an understatement approach.
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via Luigi Albertini 3, Ancona, Italy