Luis Vidal + Architects (LVA)
Luis Vidal + Architects (LVA)

Luis Vidal + Architects (LVA)

Architects from Madrid, Spain
Artists create and transmit emotions through sculptures and paintings of unpredictable result. Engineers resolve technology within known parameters and tools, a predictable result. Architects must master both professions in order to deliver useful environments to society, whether it is a City, Building or Chair.

Architects have to apply a correct balance between tradition and modernity, as they respond to a society but play a role in its progress, contributing to welfare. Architects are adventurers, as design is one of the greatest adventures of life. You simply set out without knowing where your journey will take you to. This is the process, as important and intensive as the end result.
Architects have to exercise between innovation and technique, as innovation is in the terrain of the unknown and technique is in the terrain of the known. Architects must practice with precision, as they have to please society, clients and users. They have to manage expectations, both functional and aesthetic. They have to deliver quality, both artistic and technical.

Architects have a great responsibility, as the shape of cities, buildings and design have an influence on the way society performs, behaves and act.
Architects have a demanding profession; they walk on a knives edge, as they cannot fail in their design; otherwise all society will have to “live with it” viewing “that big mistake” for years. Architects are a strange breed; they are both unpredictable and predictable. They stand and fight for their ideals.

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