LumiGram SARL
LumiGram SARL

LumiGram SARL

Manufacturers from Sant'Angelo Lodigiano, Province of Lodi, Italy
LumiGram is pioneering new fields of decoration & design based on advanced luminous technologies.

LumiGram proposes high tech luminous decoration items based on a luminous fiber optics fabric technology (curtains, wall panels,...) to be used for luxury decoration of Homes, Hotels, Retail outlets...

Our luminous fabric decoration products (catalog or custom made) are great ideas for decorating homes, home theaters, hotels, restaurants & bars, showrooms, retail outlets, etc...:
* luminous fiber optics curtains, luminous fiber optics wall panels
* luminous tablecloths, luminous table runners
* luminous cushions, luminous chair covers

We can also develop and manufacture custom designs based on fiber optics fabrics.
Our Products
Our Offices
LumiGram SARL Gif-sur-Yvette Headquarters
+39 0371239929
Sant'Angelo Lodigiano, Province of Lodi, Italy

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