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A new generation of glazed fire doors

Lunax brings a new and contemporary range of fully glazed fire doors

In spite of increasingly stricter fire safety and construction regulations, as a customer you are seeking the widest possible level of freedom, and that includes in the area of fire resistant glazing. Lunax not only offers the required safety, we also bring you the creative leeway you crave. Thanks to our unrelenting commitment to innovation, we are offering customers the best possible fire resistance products to suit every imaginable application, including the most complex of applications. Our latest state-of-the-art solution is the LUNAX Contraflam Door Series that brings a new and contemporary range of fully glazed fire doors.

Glazed fire doors for optimum transparency

Light and transparency are crucial elements in contemporary architecture. With the new LUNAX Contraflam Doors, series of frameless and self-closing doors, you are combining optimum fire safety with maximum light in wooden, steel and brickwork constructions alike.

Advantages of the Lunax Contraflam doors

- Stripped until the essence, resulting in a fully glazed surface with only four discrete door clamps
- Swing door and therefore independent of flight and direction of use
- Sleek door frame with expansion strips
- Self-closing courtesy of floor spring or door closer
- Two-sided fire resistant
- Maximum transparency
- Minimum weight, hardly any opening resistance and therefore very user friendly for children and elderly
- Complies with the “E”, “EW” and “EI” classifications
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