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Maciej Grelewicz
Maciej Grelewicz

Maciej Grelewicz

We are driven by an aspiration to create unique works of highest architectural quality and we hope to find the same cravings in our clients. Our aim is to propose solutions tailored to the program, site, context, climate, budget and needs of each of our clients. We are based in Poland, but our experience of working abroad, gives us confidence in dealing with clients from different parts of the globe. Working with people from very diverse origins taught us the value of multicultural collaborations - we believe that they are not only mutually enriching, but can also lead to outstanding and often unexpected results. Our ambition is creating valuable architecture - opportunity to work on interesting project is way more important for us than its scale or location. We want to make architecture that will last - we avoid using rhetoric or following recent trends, rather seeking for clear, rational and straightforward solutions. We pursue qualities that are timeless: simplicity, good proportions and attention to detail. Vitruvius, in his famous 'The Ten Books on Architecture', defined qualities that good architecture should posses: durability, functionality and beauty ('firmitas, utilitas, venustas') - we believe those values are as important today as they were two thousand years ago. We consciously aim for simplicity in our proposals. We don't do it out of modesty or restraint - on the contrary, we believe that simple and honest building is stronger than the one that shouts and desperately seeks for attention. Considering scarcity of resources, human influence on climate change and very high carbon footprint of building industry, we believe that it is essential to treat sustainability as integral part of design thinking. We implement this approach at the very beginning of design process, always starting with careful analysis of the plot to find the best possible building's orientation and placement of openings. Sun is the cheapest and most pleasant radiator - we aim at making the best use of it, to limit dependence on costly external heating and cooling systems.
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