Magenta Workshop
Magenta Workshop

Magenta Workshop

Manufacturers from 5, Moshav Aminadav, Israel, Israel

Magenta Studio has started in 1992 as a Gallery store at Emek Refaim St. in Jerusalem. The store, established by Ronen Bavli, has offered a variety of items and works of art by artists and designers. At that time, an accompanying studio was set up in Aminadav Village with the purpose to design and produce products and artifacts to be presented and sold at the store.

Following the closure of the store in 1994, the studio has continued its work in design and production of singular items and items produced in small series. Over the years, the studio has increased in size and production volume, and became a design and manufacturing office and an adjacent workshop which function as one. About 20 people currently work and create in the studio, including product designers, graphic designers and craftsman of all sorts.

In parallel to its activity facing large business clients, the studio continues in design and development of various unique items and products as independent private initiatives.

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