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A bohemian microspace with immense potential!

The 21st-century offices have an entirely different typology of professionals and most companies are bewildered by the sheer difference in their approach to work and their expectations from the physical parameters of the workplace. Also, the environment of the business itself has changed drastically. With an influx of flexible working, employees now have a myriad set of options to choose from to decide where they want to work. Featherlite, in their pursuit of designing revolutionary office furniture, has developed ‘POD’, a peaceful structure that reflects both the effortlessness and power contained within their fundamental ideology.

The ‘POD’ creates a bohemian environment and a casual perception of a work environment while amalgamating and accentuating employee efficiency and productivity. A micro office in its sense, the Genesis Pod is a less expensive option as compared to traditional offices, allowing more people to fit into a smaller space. Three-seater comfortable sofas on either side of a center table are enclosed by specially designed sound-absorbing acoustic walls. The POD is fitted with multiple charging points making it an ideal discussion or conference space that utilizes light and ventilation from its surroundings. Available in 3+3, 2+2 seater and high-desk dimensions, there is a choice of colors of the fabric used for inner and outer body panels. In addition to it, the POD is installed with aluminum extrusions that have an anodized finish.

Hence, this evolution of workspace furniture has resulted in modern commercial spaces that allow employees to hold their productivity with their personalities in the workplace. With ‘Pod’ there is optimum use of space and the generation of the additional work area.

3+3 Seater Dimensions: (LxWxH) 2700 x 1900 x 1650mm
2+2 Seater Dimensions: 2700x 1350x 1650mm
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