Manufacturers from 56 RUE DU FAUBOURG, SAINT ANTOINE, France
Peyre Marine design in motion (s) Move when everything stops , when entering home. Move his everyday world with objects of another , objects like words, radical alphabet but with endless combinations ... Those of the movement. Yours. At first glance, this foundation systems say as much for themselves as space in which they are located. Architectural forms in architecture. Readability of the place. Near the ground , independent modules or parts of a whole , rectangular, square , oblique or rounded , they marry the space and your desires. Move with these objects dedicated to the body, accompanied the body in motion , extension of the body, according to your moods , states, fantasies. Tools of your desires, these objects become yours, redesign your environment. At no time Marine Peyre imposes its diktat , she speaks with his vocabulary of shapes, proportions , to help you create your own language space. Play . Dare. Créer.Changer . Again. Invented. Be flexible . Be yourself. My design so I'm moving . With , do what you want .

Marine Peyre says his philosophy , describing a playful world and pop that favors games
of multiple sockets and modularity , uses staggered materials, expressive and colorful shapes ,
the uninhibited attitudes, disciplinary boundaries of art , space and design.

She signs in the other Black Flag furniture Rudy Ricciotti in Aix en Provence , the range of plant items
Brand Flower Box , and also working with publishers like Urbastyle , Love to Love , Editorial or Yellow Velvet .
Marine Peyre is also involved in the world of set design and art direction, with
clients such as the MEDEF , the show 'Jardins Jardin' or Playtime Paris Salon .

His furniture designs 100% Made in France are broadcast under the label 'Marine Peyre , made in paris ' .

Publishers: Co- Nekt , Love to Love , FlowerBox , Pantone Universe Urbastyle the Editorial , Yellow Velvet , Michel Lebrun, Biotexdesign , Mood , Robba Edition

Clients: SFR, Teamévénements , Le Coq Sportif , E.kenos , Express Group Edisac , Gally events Negundo Sport, Récylum , Playtime Paris Salon , SAFI Paris salons , Materic , Blue Land, Ballet Preljocaj , Roger Tator Gallery , Galerie Roger Pailhas Villa Noailles, Pop Gallery San Paolo, MEDEF, City of Nice, Cannes City , City of Lyon, Marseille City , Urban Community of Aix en Provence, the General Council of the Bouches du Rhone, Marseille National Ballet , the Museum mode of Marseille, UPE 13 , CCI Marseille Provence NewHotel

Collaborations: Branex design - publishers, editors Domeau and Peres , Max Havelaar , ltd Mozzee editors , Atelier Van Leishout- artist, Charles Bové - designer, architect Rudy Ricciotti , Fred Rubin- artist, Fred Sathal stylist Katharina Chrislt - dancer and choreographer Michel Vivien - shoemaker , Master of Linen , R & D , studio Jet
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