Matsuya Art
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Matsuya Art

Matsuya Art

Architects from Nissin bldg 2F 298-2, Funaokacho Himeji, Japan
1. Corporate History
MATSUMOTO Satoshi founded the design and construction company in 1977 here in Himeji city, Hyogo pref.

Since then, we have performed steadily in the areas of commercial, business and medical facilities as well as residential houses.
Now, the number of our work has reached up to several hundred buildings and facilities.

With our wide experience in producing the diverse range of business and commercial facilities, we help our clients to plan a business strategy and scheme, while linking up software and hardware to create a unique business or commercial space.

The founder, MATSUMOTO Satoshi has now been playing a key role in strategic planning and product development, whereas his son MATSUMOTO Tetsuya has been in charge of designing.

2. Design Policy
Designing a fancy space actually does not meet our corporate goal since we believe a commercial space is an important business tool, whereby our space design is required to generate profit for our clients. It is therefore essential for us to create a commercial space and a business strategy bilaterally.

3. Design process to create uniqueness

A floor plan defines the space.

Then, I image the space and capture the 3-dimensional structure from the floor plan to create an appropriate and eye-catching space design.

There is no routine procedure in space design. Just like a child writing graffiti, enjoying in an imaginary world produces a brand-new space design, I believe.

What differs, however, from child graffiti is to link up the client’s business strategy and our space design as well as to manage the cost.

4. Our goal
Up until now, and in the future, the goal for us is to earnestly work with every design item, with gratitude for all the clients that relied on us for the important part of their business.