Matteo Thun and Partners
Matteo Thun and Partners

Matteo Thun and Partners

Architects from Via Andrea Appiani, 9, Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy
Matteo Thun & Partners

Matteo Thun + Partners is a multicultural architecture and design studio with Headquarters in Milan and subsidiaries in Shanghai. The company acts on an international level and develops projects from hospitality and residential, headquarters, retail and urban design as well as masterplanning since 1980.

A profound respect for the soul of the place and a sensitive approach to the brand’s individuality is key for the teams of 70 architects, interior, product and graphic designers who work from micro to macro, are interdisciplinary and highly qualified in the management of complex projects. Their work focuses on aesthetic durability, technological longevity, and the future lifespan of buildings and products.

Maintaining a sensitive approach to the client’s vision, the studio believes in trust and longterm relationships. Seeking change without giving up traditional values, the teams operate in line with the industry’s trends. Authentic creativity and the constant search for technologically innovative solutions are as important as the experience in dealing with flexible budgets and cost engineering.

Specializing in various segments of hospitality, with a particular focus on luxury hotel projects and residences with character, Matteo Thun + Partners provides customized and turnkey concepts including architecture, interiors and lighting concepts. The work of the company is based on aesthetic and technological durability with a strong belief on healthy living. The guest (lat: Hospes) and wellbeing are at the core of Matteo Thun & Partners projects. This also determines the studio’s healthcare projects where the relationship between patients and their physical environment is the point of departure.

Matteo Thun + Partners’ architecture and interior design is the result of a deep dialogue between the client’s prospect, the location, its residents and its culture.