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matterbetter aims to create a unique inspiration platform for solving the actual problems of the mankind by organizing open-idea competitions in the fields of architecture and design.

Our background

Every day our world undergoes changes, which influence all spheres of our life. People all over the planet face new challenges in social, political, economic spheres, problems and disasters caused by nature and by human beings.

Many organizations search for efficient ways to manage these changes and to help society to overcome their consequences. However, the changeable nature and complex character of the upcoming problems leads to an urgent need for alternative solutions.

We believe that involvement of architects and designers from all over the world will give more power to find groundbreaking solutions of the actual problems. We search for the new opportunities and rethink the past ways of dealing with different problems by organizing international open-idea competitions in the fields of architecture and design.

matterbetter collaborates with problem-oriented non-profit organizations to share possible solutions, created and developed by architects and designers.

To our participants

A new turn in your career
We see all materials created by our participants during competitions as a big intellectual value and an important contribution to the architectural and design body of knowledge. We believe that the most outstanding participants should be noticed by the leading architectural and design companies. To make this happen we provide free access to the database of the participants for the HR departments to look for and to recruit the possible candidates for their companies.

Prize and recognition
The winners of the competitions will get monetary prizes and diplomas, feedback by the jury and publication on our website, blog and social pages. Besides that, we plan an annual book of ideas with selected results and an exhibition in one of the galleries in Europe. Your project will get a chance to be featured on the leading architecture and design blogs.

Accessible inspiration database
The last, but not the least. matterbetter creates an online platform for your inspiration. It is accessible for free via our website and blog. It is an open platform, where the results of competitions and the most interesting projects are presented.

Additionally we create a limited access online database of all the projects and submissions which can only be accessed by request by relevant organizations and HR-departments.

Make it matter. Make it better.