Mcleod Bovell Modern Houses
Ema Peter
Mcleod Bovell Modern Houses

Mcleod Bovell Modern Houses

Architects from 293 Columbia Street, Vancouver, Canada
Designing a complete environment that fully expresses the way you want to live means that we enter each project without an agenda. We begin by locating ideas that will shape the project. Ideas arise from close communication with our clients and a careful consideration of the site. Good ideas exploit embedded opportunities which give projects purpose and drama.

Our role is to find these ideas and use them to inform the thousands of good decisions that create a successful, custom result. We manage this process from initial design meeting to final interior detail in order to create an experience for our clients that is smooth, fulfilling, and aligned with who they are.

Matt McLeod and Lisa Bovell have a combined 30 years of experience designing complete residential environments- building, interiors, and landscapes. They are committed to a personal approach with clients, builders and trades. As principles, they are directly involved with your project bringing persistence, enthusiasm, and care to every aspect of the work.

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