Meltzer Mandl Architects PC
Meltzer Mandl Architects PC

Meltzer Mandl Architects PC

Architects from 215 Park Avenue South - Suite 1403, New York, United States
We are dedicated to the creation of livable spaces and environments that enhance the user’s way of life. This commitment to integrity in design as well as business, client and staff relations drives every decision that we make.

As a design firm focused on the creation of innovative projects in the New York City metro area, our greatest strength is that we think beyond the expected. Our goal is to produce value throughout the design and construction phases of a project.

We believe that every project and site calls for its own integrated, functional design solution. This is what we deliver. It begins with fresh take on a site’s potential and continues with a series of questions that address design considerations early alongside real-world construction, mechanical, and structural design concerns.

We design buildable projects, without surprises and produce clear, complete documents using a technology-based design process.

Our own history as developers gives us hands-on experience of the risks, time investment and labor that is behind each and every project.

By joining design and business together, we are a business partner with our clients, working with them to improve their property investment and helping them to build their brand.