Manufacturers from Noorwegenstraat 28, Evergem, Belgium
The Belgian manufacturer Metalfire has designed and produced high-quality open and closed fireplaces for a number of years, and presents a unique range comprising more than 100 different models.

The Metalfire collection is characterized by its inspiring design that has influenced the entire market of open fireplaces. Different to the others, the Metalfire fireplaces are designed from anaesthetical view, and strive for beauty, and have aninclinationforunityandquiet in the architecture of the entire house and its interior. The technical features according to contemporary standards are also present, how ever they are understated so that they never overwhelm the appearance of the fireplaces.

Because of the predilectionfor pure details, simplicity of materials, and minimalism, Metalfire brings a design product in first instance, evidenced in the extensive standard range, and of course found in the numerous possibilities with regard to options and made-to-measure. This ensures a product that can be perfectly integrated in any interior, in any wall and in any piece of furniture. Thanks to the broad possibilities in custom-made fireplaces, finishing frames and extensions, the fireplace wall bears the architect’s or interior designer’s personal signature, finely in tune with the design of the entire interior.

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