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metalix design proudly offers Alori Surfaces®, an exciting and distinctively sculpted architectural aluminum surface suitable for a wide variety of applications. Alori is durable and lightweight, with uniquely textured surfaces produced by deeply etching scintillating patterns into solid 100% metal.

Alori® provides unprecedented control of the light,
shadow and texture of metallic surfaces by creating
deep, three dimensional patterns that seemingly move as the observer viewpoint changes.

Alori Surfaces® from metalix design are the product of a unique metal etching process perfected by over 50 years of involvement in aircraft manufacturing to produce an exclusive design element that can best be described as precision metallic artistry.

Alori Surfaces® are made from solid, 100% recyclable aluminum, and are appropriate for interior and exterior applications including walls and ceiling systems, feature walls, millwork inserts, branding elements, canopies, decorative inlays, backsplashes, appliance and fixture surfaces and custom artwork.
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