MGXM architects

MGXM architects

Architects from 18 Yakinthon str Chalandri, Athens, Greece
At the MGXM Architects M. Gonzalez C. Malama office we are always trying to:

Offer high quality services that play a great part in the success of a project in all levels; starting from building plans, to design and presentation, and expanding to the construction itself.

Offer, as a result, buildings that act as an example to the modern day construction.

Buildings that are a reference point in their environment and stand out for their design but also manage to coexist in harmony with their surroundings.

Buildings that take full advantage of the environmental possibilities for energy saving, through the principals of the contemporary sustainable architecture.

Buildings to meet the expectations of the clients and satisfy their needs.

Buildings that offer a high sense of comfort which is resulting from the ideal space dimensions, the natural ventilation and solar conditions and more other specific details to upgrade the habitat’s living status.

With planning and seamless communication with the clients we set and follow design principles that exists in the project’s financial reality.

Our goal is to make our clients proud of trusting us with the project.
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18 Yakinthon str Chalandri, Athens, Greece

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