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Architects from Italy
The architectural studio – michielizanatta.net was founded in 2004 by two young architects, graduated from the University of Architecture of Venice – Tommaso Michieli and Christian Zanutta. The studio has two main offices – one in the city of Udine and one in Treviso.

During the years it developed rapidly and had different experiences. The founders have their own personal understanding for the architecture, analyzing it carefully and in the same time having fun with it and coming up with original contemporary solutions.

The main idea of the whole organization is to create a network of people and contacts in order to have the optimized outcome.

Independently of the location and the type of client(private or public) michielizanatta.net is ready to offer a great variate of design proposals related to the project of interest, covering all of its stages – from concept design to the construction’s final touch.

In order to provide the best design solutions the studio adopts a specific approach which allows it to involve the right specialist depending on the area of interest – residential constructions, commercial buildings and public space.

Every project is different and it has it’s specific requirements, but the design approach provided by michielizanatta.net remains constant. All of the client’s needs and requests are being taken in consideration and together with the rest of the technical and ambient characteristics are carefully analyzed in order to provide the most suitable proposal. Starting up a new project is one of the most critical phases of the process and that is why it is important that all key figures(client, project manager,designers ecc.) are involved, being listened and considered.

During its 16 years of experience michielizanatta has gained a lot of precious knowledge in the field of sustainable architecture, design and realization of private and public projects. Due to the diversity of the executed work the studio has acquired various skills which are fundamental for the development of public areas and seasides.