Landscape Architects from 1002 South Braddock Ave, Pittsburgh, United States
MLZDESIGN was established in 2007 by Matt Zambelli. The design studio consults on projects related to the disciplines of contemporary landscape architecture, architecture, urban design, public art and design computation. This interdisciplinary approach recognizes that all design projects are elements of complex systems which comprise the built environment. MLZDESIGN believes that these systems can be modeled to both inform and validate design decisions. The studio accomplishes this by utilizing technological tools developed for the allied fields of geography, ecology, architecture, industrial design, and media arts. The resultant design process develops environmentally sensitive solutions that operate at the intersection of art, technology, and function.

MLZDESIGN provides services in the realms of:
•Conceptual, schematic, and detailed design for site architecture, landscape design, and planning projects
•Demographic, environmental, and urban geographical analysis
•3D modeling and visualization
•3D modeling and consultation for digital fabrication
•Robotic sensing and interaction
Our Offices
MLZDESIGN United States
1002 South Braddock Ave, Pittsburgh, United States