Architects from Italy and Portugal
Moradavaga (a contraction of the Portuguese words for “vague address”) is a collective born from the collaboration of architects Manfred Eccli (Bolzano, Italy, 1981) and Pedro Cavaco Leitão (Porto, Portugal, 1976).

Based in Kaltern/Caldaro (Italy) and Porto (Portugal), Moradavaga started working in 2006 around the issues of vacant spaces, derelict buildings and the activation of the public realm, devising performative objects and active interventions, such as social workshops, ideas competitions and architectural happenings.

Intersecting architecture, art and design, our works function as “dormant tools” in a waiting status, requiring the users engagement to activate them. The resulting interaction between the users and the objects both challenges and transforms their reciprocal relations, usually triggering an inner questioning about each piece and arousing a genuine sense of wonder in the process, thus achieving our main goal: to deeply touch in a cultural, intellectual, sensorial and emotional level those who experience our creations.

Moradavaga’s varied and eclectic body of work, has gained international recognition over the years as evidenced by its participation in events promoted by renowned institutions and organizations such as Centro Cultural de Belém (Tanto Mar – Portugueses Fora de Portugal, Lisbon, 2014), Guimarães 2012 – European Capital of Culture (Pop Up Culture, 2012), Fundação de Serralves (Serralves em Festa, Porto, 2010), Oficina Segovia 2016 (Noche de Luna Llena, 2008), or its nomination for major awards in the sector as Mais Imaginarius 2014 (Winner), Berlin Urban Intervention Award 2013 (Finalist), Prémio Nacional de Arquitectura em Madeira 2013 (Honorable Mention) or Prémio OutrosMercadus’10 (Finalist).

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