Muebles Panamar S.L.
Muebles Panamar S.L.

Muebles Panamar S.L.

Manufacturers from Calle Castillarejos, 17, N/A, Spain
MUEBLES PANAMAR S.L. is the biggest enterprise of occasional furniture in
it´s motherland Spain and in whole Europe. To their clients it offers high quality
products for value and great delivery service.

Since 1973 PANAMAR is specialized on classic and neoclassic furniture
which one we are we are extending every year, having always in mind the
needs and opinions of our clients and markets.

Our employees and artisans are highly qualified and have got a long
experience on furniture creation, helped by machinery of the newest
technology and processes of production. Nevertheless, as the montage is
made by handcraft, you can perceive the love it is made with.

All our products are made with top quality. We use row materials such as
beech, cherry and walnut-wood. The fine sanding and polishing processes are
making that our furniture has got a special touch. Moreover our production processes
and components are environmentally friendly, what is proven by certificates.

The secret of our fast delivery times is that 6.000 m2 of our factory are
destined for the storage of finished furniture, so we have got permanent stock
of most of our articles, an average of 15.000 units, what shows that MUEBLES
PANAMAR always tries to go one step ahead. This fact is also noticeable by the yearly
publication of a new catalogue of our new designs and models. Nowadays we
are expanding our product line by designing bedroom and dining room
furniture such as beds, wardrobes, dining tables, etc.

The growth and internationalization of MUEBLES PANAMAR is notable by
the number of international partners in over more than 35 countries and also by
the attend at international exhibitions like ISALONI in Milano and ISALONI
WORLDWIDE in Moscow.

Some of our goals for the future are to expend our market, to reach a
higher product excellence and to care even more for the environment.
Our Offices
Muebles Panamar S.L. N/A
+34 968 791 489
Calle Castillarejos, 17, N/A, Spain