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NAT OFFICE - christian gasparini architect
NAT OFFICE - christian gasparini architect

NAT OFFICE - christian gasparini architect

Founded in 2001 in Reggio Emilia by Christian Gasparini, NAT OFFICE turns its attention to urban and architectural planning (from design to landscape). Architecture becomes a medium between Nature and Technology, able to give a sense to the antropic presence in the nature. The plan is thought like a complex and dynamic instrument, that allows the physic-perceptive and materic link between places and people. Private and public architecture realizations are intertwined with the research on modular structures, to be assembled and disassembled in different configurations and are dedicated to different areas: museums, schools, commercial, residential, religious, landscaping. NAT OFFICE is known for a wide response to competitions: the office won the 1st prize for La Corte Civic Center in Parma (2001, completed, Almanacco di Casabella 2006, Una Geografia dell’Architettura 2013), the restricted invitation call for Elvise Carpi Nursery School in Reggio Emilia (2004 completed, Almanacco di Casabella 2008), designs, after consultation with Emilia Romagna Heritage Department, Spazio Marco Gerra, European Photography Center in Reggio Emilia (2005, Convention Architecture 2012), won the 1st prize in the invitation call for Casa Gualerzi Restoration (2012 Houselevel Homeoffice) and several awards and mentions in national and international competitions such as the 3rd prize Recovery Gnutti Barracks in Brescia 2014, the 4th prize Luxury Residences in Barcelona 2013, the 2nd prize Alpine Resort Keil Brunico 2011, the 4th prize Silk Road Map Unesco Shanghai 2010, the 2nd prize ex aequo Città Alessandrina Cultural Centre in Rome 2009. NAT OFFICE is now working on architectural masterplans, international competitions and residential project, developing new urban strategies for Smart City.
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NAT OFFICE - christian gasparini architect Reggio Emilia
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