Nordwall International S.r.l

Nordwall International S.r.l

Designers from Piove di Sacco, Italy
NORDWALL is in operation and active in demountable partitions market since 1972. NORDWALL’s history is synonym of successful partnerships and great projects achieved all over the world.

As the time goes by, and the evolution of the markets, NORDWALL changed its targets by way of exploring new markets with new partners, offering to the users new products and new business opportunities.

A modern enterprise able to understand the markets trend and the evolution of the mood toward the environmental protection issues and sustainability attention.

With this in mind, since few years, NORDWALL devoted its effort to develop a sustainable production process, with the recycle of materials and waste, control of environmental impact and pollutions and the implementation in its plants of alternative energy sources.

These are the values that recognize NORDWALL respect toward these issues within the entire management of the Company, environment friendly, and the achievement of its goals endorsed by ISO 14001 certification.

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