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NOVO CUADRO has a huge collection of original painting, representing a wide range of artists, most of them from Spain. All of them have been distinguished for their talent which, in keeping with our objective, is to bring the works of great artists closer to our clients. In all instances, our priority has been to enable our clients to create and fashion in their own personal space a unique ambience and style, where good taste and the respect for an original work of art can be appreciated.

With a very personal philosophy and individual attention, we offer high quality and unique products as engravings, works on canvas, works on wood tables, litographies, as well as print and photography.

Having pursued this aim over the last several years, and in serving our clients with handpicked works that meet their particular demands, we have come to adapt and find ourselves in a comparable journey; searching for the singular and greatest works amongst both emerging or well acclaimed artists. We are therefore proud to be able to offer the most original findings in our art objects, from new techniques, the latest decoration tendencies, and works that foreshadow the evolving changes in the art market. In doing so, we are also pleased to have become one of the leading dealers and promoters of art in Spain, as well as in the rest of Europe.

We also manufacture and design in our workshop all the artisanal frames to offer our clients the art piece completely the way they like.
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