Nowodworski Lighting
Nowodworski Lighting

Nowodworski Lighting

Manufacturers from N/A, N/A, Poland

Our values

Undertakings regarding designing and introducing lighting fixtures to production, which have been performed for 18 years, allowed us to gain experience constituting strong capital of the company.

High standard
Quality control accompanies each stage of production, commencing on thorough selection of sub-suppliers, through inspection of delivered materials and components, inspection of semi-finished products at each stage of the process, and finishing at ready products.

Each step is aimed at ensuring safety, attractive look and good quality of our product.

Skilfull customer service
Efficient and fast execution of orders is ensured by the fact that our products are manufactured in Poland. It allows us to immediately respond to changing needs of customers.

Scope of the offer:

The Company offered just few products at the beginning of its business activity.

In 2004 the offer covered around 500 products in the catalogue.

Constantly changing trends within interior design and our will to reach broader group of customers contributed to the fact that at present our commercial offer includes above 2.5 thousands of models. Scope of the offer is continuously supplemented as we wish to satisfy as widest array of needs as possible, both in reference to taste of customers as well as functionality of lighting fixtures.

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