Nube di Nicoli Antonio & C
Nube di Nicoli Antonio & C

Nube di Nicoli Antonio & C

Manufacturers from Como, Italy
Always taking care to comfort, quality and expecially to design, NUBE cooperates with a lot of famous architects of the sector. Aparts from Carlo Colombo and Marco Corti the products are signed by Riccardo Bello Dias, Volpato Hatz, Mario Ferarrini, Philippe Nigro, Maurizio Salvato and others.

Tables, little tables, armchairs, sofas and bookcases are designed and produced considering the different life styles and the different distribution markets, but always connected to the constant quality and to high level range.

More than 50 years experience allowed the company to reach high quality standards even in Custom Made.

Flexibility, modern technology, new materials and competitive prices are some of the strengh points of the company, which is ready follow the requests of demanding and selective customers, without abounding its personal design.

But NUBE distinguishes itself from other suppliers by its metal and wooden frames, wich grant a longer lasting time of the products, by the custom made articles, which fullfill expecially the needs of foreign customers, and by the seat mechanism, which transforms many sofas in confortable dormeuses.

The design, made to measure.

NUBE proposes a “modern feeling” which combines innovative sofa and table design, high quality, originality, and true comfort for the selective and demanding customer. Since 1958, the founder, Mr. Nicoli, and his family have remained well respected Italian furniture producers in a market that has seen much change. The pursuit in reaching the highest level is reflective in Nube’s choice of top designers such as Carlo Colombo, Riccardo Bello Dias, Volpato Hatz, Philippe Nigro, and Maurizio Salvato. The complete collection of sofas, armchairs, and tables are researched and manufactured based on differences in lifestyle and geographical location.

Nube measures the importance of being on the leading edge and for this the company’s success lies in combining modern living and home comfort coupled with years of experience and constant product quality checks. Company cultural roots include new technology, performance and practicality, custom sizing, state of the art materials, and a competitive pricing policy.

Main features that set Nube apart from other manufacturers are the guaranteed long lasting wood and metal frames, custom sizes to meet the special needs of clients, and the sliding mechanism found in several sofa models that change the simple sofa into a chaise-lounge.

Top craftsmanship doesn’t go un-noticed. Nube’s portfolio of clients include important projects such as restaurants for the chain, Planet Hollywood, rooms in the Arabic Mecca, Porsche showrooms in Germany, German television stations, Sketch, a top London restaurant, Mandarin Hotel in Singapore, offices for Rovagnati, and offices for Fiat, Italy. The list goes on.
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