Occhio has received the TOP 100 seal of approval. For more than 20 years this award has honored mid-sized companies for outstanding innovation management and is thus the most important of its kind. Our creative product technologies and innovative development processes convinced them during the independent selection process. The award ceremony was held in the Colosseum Theater Essen on June 23. A shining example of innovation: Occhio has been awarded the TOP 100 seal, confirming that it is one of the most innovative companies in the German mid-sized sector. As Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke, scientific head of TOP 100 puts it "This seal brings together world class innovators". Occhio is based on an idea as unique as it is revolutionary: the Munich-based company develops universal, multifunctional luminaire and spotlight systems, which enable the universal lighting of rooms and whole buildings with outstanding design and perfect quality of light. "We offer the optimal lighting solution for every application – in terms of quality of light, brightness, color of light and adjustability", explains co-director Klaus-Peter Siemssen. The philosophy of Occhio is to make people the lighting designers of their living environments and so improve their quality of life. This is why all products are based on innovative technologies and intuitive operating functions, which playfully make the handling of light pure pleasure. Some luminaires can be simply controlled by a gesture or a smart phone, for example. The latest innovations of the design lighting creators are the spotlight families Più VOLT, io and lui, and the new flagship series Mito. The numerous design prizes are proof of the exceptional standard of Occhio. However, it is not only in its products that Occhio attaches importance to highest quality and innovation. To improve the competence and pace of development internal processes are also optimized. "By pooling core competencies in electronics and mechanics, in surfaces and light sources, we are able to create complete system solutions in the shortest time" says Klaus-Peter Siemssen. If specialized expertise is required for an innovation the company calls in additional external specialists to complement the in-house expertise. Since the beginning of the year Occhio has also been a member of the MEISTERKREIS Deutschland. The MEISTERKREIS unites people, companies and institutions, who stand for creativity and highest quality from and in Germany.
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