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Ochtendstond. is a young Belgian collective that puts together designers and artists, active in the Gent area, in the Flanders. Its creations reflect a deep commitment to simple and emotional design or, more in general, to “concept design”. The project was born from the will of Boas Smagghe that found full completeness in the encounter with Marianna Guernieri. The important collaboration with Benjamin Bubb marked the beginning of this challenge, together with Christine Clément's contribution in the firts steps of the project.

The word “Ochtendstond” refers to the moment in the morning where you wake up and feel thrilled about something positive that is going to happen in your life. The collective has an eclectic approach to creative matters, and touches any possible field that crosses its way: from furniture to interiors, from graphics to interactive installations, music culture and so on. “I believe that design is about creating atmospheres where people would want to stay. It can be as easy as a smell in the room, a beautiful cloud passing by, the way your food is dressed on a plate”, says Boas Smagghe, founder of Ochtendstond. “Our approach to design reflects warmth and lightness, with a sense for the simple, the playful and the ironic”.

The collective has given birth to works that enhance the strength of primordial, industrial and post-industrial materials, such as Scandinavian wood, metals, ceramics, concrete and reused materials: the Luna lamp series designed by Marianna Guernieri explore the relationship between cold metal and warm light bulbs, while the AAA table designed by Boas Smagghe play with geometry and modularity. Steady and enduring furniture such as wooden tables are surrounded by small handmade ephemeral objects, such as the Bewildered magazine holder, the Cork Lamp and the Gifts series.

“What’s most important for us is the value of the context”, Smagghe continues, “ that is, the real function of objects in space”. In other words, designing a wall sticker has the same substance of creating a complex chair.

Past and future projects include the collective exhibition held in the striking atmosphere of Chateau De Pélichy, and their presence at Milan’s Fuorisalone 2014. Ochtendstond is: Boas Smagghe, designer; Marianna Guernieri, designer and web editor; Benjamin Bubb, artist at Union Art; Yon Van Proojen, craftsman.
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