Octalex Green Lighting Pty Ltd
Octalex Green Lighting Pty Ltd

Octalex Green Lighting Pty Ltd

Engineers from 2/17-19 Walter Street, Moorabbin, Melbourne, Australia
Octalex Green Lighting is an Australian company located in Melbourne.
Established in 2005 Octalex designs, engineers and manufactures LED lighting for domestic, commercial and industrial application. In 2013 an European division of Octalex was established known as Octalex Lighting Engineering.

Octalex has developed state of the art Wireless Intelligent Lighting Control and Monitoring Systems (WILS) that provides the basis for cutting edge wireless networking solutions for Smart Lighting application. This can be extended to other applications like, Smart Energy and “The Internet of Things”.

WILS encompasses ZigBee-Pro networking protocol and Octalex unique hardware, software and Graphic User Interface designs to configure, control and monitor any lighting system.

Octalex delivers and provides customers with:

• Easy and cost effective installation for controlling and monitoring of general and emergency lighting of premises from small to large professional organisations.
• Enable onsite building’s maintenance personnel to configure and set-up automatic control of any building’s lighting and change that whenever it will be required
• Enable lighting control by employees in their work environment.
• New rich lighting functionality including remote control lighting configurations, programmable timing and pre-set scene lighting.
• Proactively schedule lighting maintenance increasing productivity and potential light failures.
• Energy savings and power cost savings through ambient and occupancy sensing which can be configured and adapt to new requirements at any time
• Provide interoperability between OGL products and other manufacturers utilising ZigBee –Pro control modules.

Octalex designs a Graphic User Interface (GUI) specific for each project to provide simple and graphical control of given lighting system.
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