OeverZaaijer architecture and urbanism
OeverZaaijer architecture and urbanism

OeverZaaijer architecture and urbanism

Architects from Pedro de Medinalaan 7a, Amsterdam, Netherlands
OeverZaaijer architecture and urbanism is a creative and multifaceted firm that realises various projects in the Netherlands as well as in other countries. We recently opened an office on Curaçao.

Our firm engages in a wide spectrum of activities ranging from concept/area development and urban planning to interior design, and from new build to renovation projects. This makes us familiar with all segments of the property market. Our clients include project developers, companies, government agencies, housing corporations and private individuals.

The work we do revolves around the human factor: ‘form follows people’.

Our role as a consultant involves starting with the needs and preferences of the client to create functional architecture and urban planning solutions that exhibit both excellence and sustainability. Our extensive expertise and experience ensure that a single provider will integrate all aspects of the design process, from beginning to end, with human welfare being our key objective.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As architects, we find it impossible to exclude design from other very important factors in the creative process such as dealing responsibly with our environment. (people, planet, profit).

We, too, seek the right balance between creating a pleasant living environment, making responsible decisions in the choice of materials, minimising energy consumption, and, of course, balancing costs and benefits. Yet we also want to include passion and pleasure as elements of the creative process.

Full service

OeverZaaijer believes in the importance of a professional approach that begins with concept development and extends through realisation. Our core competencies are distributed among four disciplines: urban development, architecture, construction engineering and interior design. We can provide you with all four disciplines simultaneously or one at a time.

To provide the client with maximum results, our firm has also acquired expertise in integrating sustainable measures into its design, cost control, scheduling and development of design processes.

A professional approach is guaranteed not only by our extensive expertise but also by the synergy among our various disciplines, and this synergy is precisely what provides our services with added value.


In general terms, our quality is established by our ISO 9001 certification that forms the basis for our work. More specifically, our team contains two BREEAM experts as well, so that we can always apply sustainable criteria to our projects, even if it’s on our initiative. Being one of the founders of the Dutch Green Building Council also ensures you of our expertise in the field of sustainability and how much importance we place on it.

Architecture as a necessity

A resilient city or society is one that can undergo constant change and continually rediscover itself. Our designs deal with the environment in which we spend our time at home, at work and in leisure activities. Our designs also deal with fact that not only people themselves but also people and the elements in their natural environment are interrelated, interdependent and undergoing constant change. We are increasingly becoming a designer of processes. We see a society undergoing change: a society that requires a resilient spatial environment.

With due modesty, we see that the boundaries of the architect’s advisory role are increasingly being extended. We would be pleased to consider your situation, too, in greater detail.

OeverZaaijer is dedicated to providing:
- more creativity
- more sustainability
- more attention to the environment
- climate-neutral construction
- integrated processes