Office for Explicit Architecture
Office for Explicit Architecture

Office for Explicit Architecture

Architects from Veronikagasse 12/3, Wien, Austria
Comprehensive Planning and Organization

The Office for Explicit Architecture works on all types of architecture and urban planning, providing comprehensive services in these areas. The spectrum ranges from the first decisive sketch and the formulation of the design philosophy to the careful choice of location and materials, meticulous planning, and project specification all the way to on-site construction supervision.

Vision and Reality

The uniqueness and individuality of each of Explicit Architecture’s works arises from the coexistence of vision and reality, boldness and precision, free spirit and exact detail.

Traditional Drafting Techniques and New Media

Paper and pen are just as good as digital design methods. Analog and digital systems both complement and enrich each other. Each of our designs goes through many different processes, with the goal of viewing it from all possible perspectives, thus allowing maximum optimization.