OFIA (Office For International Architecture)
OFIA (Office For International Architecture)

OFIA (Office For International Architecture)

Architecture, Interior Design and Turnkey Construction Projects. Description "We design for Life. Our spaces are sculpted to inspire joy and harmony in everyday living." The space we live and work in defines the fabric of our lives, in many ways. It plays a decisive role in how we interact with our family, our colleagues and with our community. It determines the degree of harmony we share with the elements that make up our environment with the Earth, with the sun and stars, with the wind and rain. It can lift our spirits and help us face each day with a sense of upliftment and joy. It can conserve our energies and help us lead a more productive life. It is perhaps one of the single most important reasons why some of us are happier and more successful. Inspired by such a holistic perspective on space, Office For International Architecture (OFIA) seeks to create living space solutions that engage and connect with the persons using that space, thus adding value to the dynamics of the space as well as enhancing the experience of the user.
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OFIA (Office For International Architecture) New Delhi
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Malhan One Building No-1(Ground Floor) Sunlight Colony, Ashram , New Delhi, India